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6 Powerful Natural Remedies for Acne

Pimples, superficial bumps, nodules under the skin and, in the worst case, cysts or pustules on the face, back, chest or shoulders. These are the manifestations of acne, a skin condition that affects many teenagers due to hormonal changes, but also to adults.

The direct cause of pimples is the excessive production of sebum or fat, which clogs the pores and accumulates in the sebaceous glands. This favors the proliferation of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which causes inflammation.

Over time, the wall of the sebaceous follicle breaks and the surrounding tissue deteriorates, leaving scars. Although it is associated with a high level of male hormones, which stimulate the sebaceous secretion, the hereditary factor, the enzymatic activity of the skin, the intestinal absorption of toxins, the polycystic ovaries, some cosmetics or the emotional component can influence.

When several causes converge, acne is difficult to eradicate. Treating it takes time, since it requires dietary changes, nutritional support and good local hygiene. A diet rich in fresh and whole foods that provide fiber will decrease intestinal toxemia.

White flour, sugar, chocolate, sausages, milk (because of its hormone content) and fried foods should be eliminated. On the other hand, some other foods should be added. Here are six natural allies to help you fight acne.

1. Vitamins A, C and E

The A (50,000 Ui daily) reduces hyperkeratosis, the E (400 Ui) protects the skin and the C (1 g) intervenes in the collagen. A daily tablet of a complex that includes all three.

2. Sulfur, selenium and zinc

Zinc (45 mg daily) and selenium (200 mcg) are involved in hormonal and skin balance. Sulfur, also methylsulfonylmethane or MSM (5001,500 mg), deflates and repairs.

3. Brewer’s yeast

Very useful for its cleansing and nourishing action of the skin. It can be taken in the form of tablets, flakes or powder. Two tablespoons at breakfast or from 6 to 16 tablets per day.

4. Tea tree

Tea tree soap or essential oil applied with a cotton removes sebum and prevents infection. It is combined with a green clay mask from time to time.

5. Pansy

Pansy helps to take care of the skin thanks to its mucilages, flavonoids, salicylic acid and vitamin C.

6. Onion mask to dry and heal

The onion, being rich in sulfur, helps to reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin. It is applied on the skin before going to bed to notice the benefits in the morning.

Wash the skin with a neutral soap that removes surface impurities. Peel the onion, separate the sheets between each layer and place them in the areas affected by acne. Keep the mask until the sheets dry and fall by themselves. The next day the skin will be deflated and less greasy.

Immune reinforcement

Most creams used by adolescents contain disinfecting and anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduce pustules but harm the skin. The best thing is to arm yourself with patience, apply a daily natural mask and take depurative infusions.

Useful plants are the milfoil, healing and antiseptic (the infusion is taken or a poultice of its crushed leaves is applied) and the aloe, that softens the skin and increases the defenses (the juice is drunk or it is applied with a gauze).

Sarsaparilla, dandelion and hydrastis are also recommended, since they clean the liver and detoxify; Echinacea, which stimulates immunity; rosemary, healing and disinfectant; and the calendula emollient, which applied to compresses deflates and calms.

A very useful duo

The extracts of burdock (Arctium lappa) and wild thought (Viola tricolor) have a special affinity. Burdock root contains actiopicrin, an antibiotic effective against staphylococcus that causes many skin infections; potassium, which gives it a draining effect, and essential oil.

The thought acts internally purifying the blood, and external, helping to heal and reduce inflammation. Both can be taken together in infusion or fluid extract. From the infusion (4 g of the mixture per cup) three cups are taken daily.

If the fluid extract is chosen, 10 drops of each are mixed in a glass of water, three times a day. They are also sold in blister packs.

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