10 Anti-Aging Secrets To Have A Beautiful Neck With Alternative Medicine

10 Anti-aging Secrets to Have a Beautiful Neck

The neck and décolleté are the areas that can be marked by horizontal lines. To take care, a routine must be put in place. Here are ten simple anti-aging tips to have a beautiful neck.

1. Targeted care

To take care of this fragile area, specific care must be applied on a daily basis. Many women take care of their face but forget all too often the neck and décolleté.

Skin care based on marine collagen and rich in amino acids will replenish and moisturize the upper layers of the epidermis.

2. Antioxidant diet

Beauty goes through the plate. The aging of the skin can be slowed down thanks to a diet rich in antioxidants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are thus good allies for a firmer and tighter skin in the neck and décolleté.

In the same way, it is necessary to take care to be well hydrated to limit the drying of the skin and thus its relaxation.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture comes from traditional Chinese medicine acting on both the physical and the psychic.

Some points can be stimulated in the areas of the neck and décolleté through needles. Less expensive and less painful than a facelift, its results are satisfactory.

4. Exfoliation

In order to obtain nice skin texture, exfoliation is essential. It eliminates dead skin and restores its radiance. At the neckline, the exfoliation should be gentle because the skin is fragile at this place.

This will prevent large crevices. Apply the exfoliant in small circular movements always from the bottom up.

5. Facial gymnastics

For a nice neck and décolleté, the pectoral muscles must be utilised, they support the breast tissue: the more the pectoral muscles will be developed, the higher the chest will be perched.

Here is an exercise to do on a daily basis: place palms together with your arms horizontal and exert strong pressure counting until 10 and then release. At the same time, you can exaggerate the letters X and O. Smile is also an excellent anti-aging.

6. Chemical peel

The chemical peel technique consists of flaking the epidermis to reduce the defects. It is therefore particularly indicated in case of neck or décolleté marked by wrinkles.

Unlike the exfoliation that has a mechanical action, the peel acts thanks to the components of which it is made up: it is a technique of chemical exfoliation, even thermal. Medium or deep peels should be performed by a dermatologist, requiring medical follow-up. Light peels can be done at home.

7. Massage

Massages help promote blood circulation and regenerate the skin more easily. They can be practiced when applying a cream. The best self-massage gesture is the sideways figure 8 (or infinity symbol if you will).

Apply your care then make a circular motion around one breast going from the bottom to the top then move to the other breast forming a sideways figure 8.

8. The cold water jet

A jet of cold water has a firming and tensing effect.

It is a gesture that is not easy to perform especially in winter.

To make it easier for you, start by directing the jet of cold water on the ankles and then moving upwards along the thighs before reaching the bust.

9. Limit sun exposure

The prolonged and recurrent exposure to the sun is not good for the skin: tissue relaxation and wrinkles appear early. So be sure before each exposure to protect yourself by applying sunscreen on the neckline but also the neck that is often forgotten.

Going “topless” is to be avoided because it damages the breast.

10. Stop smoking

Tobacco accelerates skin aging by slowing down collagen synthesis.

Collagen is the protein that allows good elasticity of the skin.

The skin of tobacco smokers is dry, with more pronounced wrinkles and less shine.

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