Health Doctor REVEALS The Secret To WEIGHT LOSS & PREVENTING CANCER | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes

Health Doctor REVEALS The Secret To WEIGHT LOSS & PREVENTING CANCER | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes


In today’s episode, Dr. Fung and I dive deep into some topics discussed in his new book, The Cancer Code, to learn the science behind the disease and how our diet and fasting can play a role in managing and even preventing us from getting cancer.

“The seed of cancer may exist in all of us, but the power to change the soil is in our hands.” – Dr. Fung

We had such an incredible conversation that I just had to split this interview into two parts! You’re definitely going to want to stick around for part two on Wednesday — Dr. Fung is bringing the science, wisdom, and inspiration we need to take control of our health. Let’s go!

5 thoughts on “Health Doctor REVEALS The Secret To WEIGHT LOSS & PREVENTING CANCER | Jason Fung & Lewis Howes

  1. It’s 2009, and Im 80 plus pounds over weight. Through my 40s, I didn’t take care of my health. Became like those around me.
    It’s 2010, I recall a question I was asked by a doctor in Indian. Are you a monk?
    This question kept popping up and it was time to find me. Since, 1993, I have asked myself a question. Who am I?
    It is time. This move would ultimately break up a 35 year marriage.
    It’s 2012, it’s taken me two years of long evening walks with my dog, Vica to discover how I lived as a child and into adulthood.
    What I discovered would change my life completely, insomnia is gone, migraines are gone, one by one,I’m off all medications, even the one for high blood pressure.
    High blood pressure, genetic, I think not
    So, a few of us start a challenge to lose the most weight and I won ad my weight fluctuated between 197 and 203.
    As I moved closer to being myself again. My mental health got better, I was calm and more at peace.
    Between 2015 and 2017,I lost over 30 pounds. And without dieting. All I had to do was have love my life attitude, regardless of what’s going on.
    Every day I lost an ounce or two or three and do the math. The ounces adds up.
    Now, my siblings talked about being hungry a lot growing up and I can’t recall an experience of being hungry or wanting food or candy or really wanting anything from my parents.
    In fact, there was no contact with my parents or siblings. I lived in a different world.
    I too, woke up, got dressed and headed out the door. Lunch or dinner would be my meal of the day. No sweets, no sugar,
    How far off are we from living a certain way, like we did when we came into this world?
    Do you think watching TV is a normal thing to do? What if, all that you have feed your brain was data that would only generate productive thoughts.
    Imagine, silence and maybe 3 to 5 thoughts in a day. Imagine that will ya.
    So, do we really know what is healthy for our brains? What we feed it?
    The more we feed it, the more nutrients it’s going to need to keep up with the racing mind.
    How much of that feed will become of use at some time in the future?

  2. I used to be about 25kgs overweight at my worst, vitamin D non-stop at extreme deficiency, diabetic symptoms including acanthosis and pins-and-needles in extremities, had mood swings: mania and depression, brainfog, always hungry and tired. My eyes seem to have been permamently damaged. First, I cut out all sugar: my mood improved and lost minor weight, then I cut the carbs and implemented IF, I started realy loosing weight. Started in the beginning of this year, lost over 23kgs, got rid of depression, all diabetes symptoms, regained energy, put on some muscles and my body weight is stable at 82kgs. All thanks to keto and fasting.

    You don’t need to add keto to fasting to loose weight effectively in most cases, but the synergy and adherence potential is supreme.

    Too bad my uncle did not have the courage to try and change & get rid of extreme diabetes ( blood sugar spikes reaching 500!!! ) tons of fat ( my guess is about 40kgs excess ) Minor illness claimed him lately.

  3. Ok, I’ve lost 12kg in 8weeks. Seriously. All I have done is eat one meal a day, mostly non carb verge, amounting to a total of 800kal per day. At this rate I will need to start eating a little more to maintain my weight (not lose any more) but I’m sticking to one meal a day from now on.

  4. The only thing I disagree with is the comments about fruit. Whole fruit is bound with fiber which slows the digestion. If you have questions about this I recommend you interview Dr. Michael Greger. He has done an incredible amount of research on this topic plus other food topics.

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