My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story | Losing Weight & FRIENDS!

My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story | Losing Weight & FRIENDS!


My 45 pound weight loss story changed my life for the better, but it came with SO many struggles. I wanted to make this vid to talk about all the HARD things I never expected, like losing friends. I hope that my sharing my experience cutting out unsupportive friends & how I stayed motivated + accountable will help you on your journey!

My Weight Loss Story Video –

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5 thoughts on “My 45 Pound Weight Loss Story | Losing Weight & FRIENDS!

  1. this video means so much more than just a weight loss video!i thought about all the toxic friends that i had and no longer speak to because i have changed…xxx from Greece

  2. This really hit home. Not actually regarding weight loss but other aspects of my life and learning to let go of people in your life who bring you down (even if those people happen to be family members). It’s hard, it’s sad but as you said if someone continually puts you down and tries to make you feel bad about yourself, then they aren’t worth your time. Thank you for sharing this. Look forward to more talks like this.

  3. I watched this video hoping to hear what is it that you did to lose the weight, the food changes, exercise etc.. Hope you make one of those!

  4. the only thing my family want from me is to lose weight, they just make fun of me and tell me that if I sit around doing research or watch your videos than I’ll become even fatter. You just gave me hope and courage, Thank you so much

  5. I love hearing about your weight loss journey. Thank you for being so vulnerable and choosing to share your story. ❤️ I understand what you mean about losing friends. I have a chronic illness and have lost a few friends now because I can’t do high energy activities and hang out with them all the time. My true friends are the ones who come over to my house and are happy to Netflix and chill with me when I’m feeling sick

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