2 Weeks August Weight Loss diet Plan | Meal Plan Intermittent Fasting Challenge | High Protein Diet

2 Weeks August Weight Loss diet Plan | Meal Plan Intermittent Fasting Challenge | High Protein Diet


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August Indian vegetarian two weeks diet plan to lose Weight. This diet is high on protein and is based on intermittent fasting format. When weight loss becomes your goal most people opt for fad diets like keto diet, Low carb diet, paleo Diet , liquid diet and many such diets. Some people even completely eliminate a particular food group from their diet. This Indian diet plan has all the major food groups as its integral part, it’s highly balanced and is very easy to follow.

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  1. First of all a big congratulations Ma’am ….Ma’am can you please tell some diet chart for low pressure… M unable to lose weight coz of my pressure… M a mother of two kids 😊

  2. I Thimk weight loss Is
    2.don’t starve yourself
    3.count calories
    4.reduce plate size
    5.sleep to reduce stress

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