A Vegan Diet Doesn't Reverse Heart Disease After All?

A Vegan Diet Doesn’t Reverse Heart Disease After All?


After years of being told that Dr. Esselstyn’s heart disease trial wasn’t good enough, some in the plant-based community have attacked his work as well. Time to do a statistical analysis to see if his results were remarkable or not.
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PSPP Files and Instructions to Perform T-Test:

Esselstyn’s Main Trial:

“A low-fat, plant-based diet remains the only dietary pattern objectively proven to reverse CHD”:

BMJ Study of 25,000:

Two-tailed Test:


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5 thoughts on “A Vegan Diet Doesn’t Reverse Heart Disease After All?

  1. Science doesn’t work like that. You don’t compare on active group to a control group from another study. To many things can go wrong with that method. If it was a scientifically sound method to compare these groups the author of the vegan diet trial would have already done it. Also, It is a very viable interpretation of the data that certain people may have adverse reactions to a specific diet. That doesn’t diminish the overall results that the diet helps with CAD. Also, your stats are very wrong. You use a chi square method for nominal data. Bad video.

  2. Shawn Baker is halfway to funding a clinical trial with the carnivore diet. We will have more info on this soon.

  3. Esslestyns extreme <10% low fat vegan diet void of all overt fat foods such as nuts, seeds etc is one of the most notorious diet patterns for causing health problems and poor long-term adherence in the vegan community.

    Most healthy normal individuals in their 20s can't even maintain his extreme non evidence based nut/seed fear mongering 80/10/10 extreme low fat nonsense, let alone severely ill individuals.

    Says it all.

  4. Does a vegan diet reverses heart disease? I do not have definitive answer. My own experience is that a vegan diet drops blood pressure. However I thought dr. Dean Ornish put this to bed many tests ago.

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