Diabetes Diet Plan for Weight Loss | PCOS Diet For Weight Loss In Hindi

Diabetes Diet Plan for Weight Loss | PCOS Diet For Weight Loss In Hindi


Diabetes Diet Plan for Weight Loss | PCOS Diet For Weight Loss In Hindi | How to Lose Weight Fast with PCOS | PCOD Diet For Weight Loss | Prediabetes/Diabetes Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Control Diabetes & PCOS with this full-day diet plan Instagram – https://goo.gl/bLNUzu
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PS : This video has been created keeping in mind Diabetics as well as PCOS patients, however, it is suitable for all including Thyroid, Pregnant & Nursing Mothers (with few changes).

Pregnant & Nursing Mothers can choose to have a variety of Sabji / Vegetables and a bowl of yogurt in their diet and can munch on cucumbers and apples in a day when needed.

Thyroid patients may choose gluten-free oats over regular oats and avoid peanuts. Also, avoid Ragi Roti and choose to have Oats Roti instead. Please go through the links to the recipe videos mentioned below.

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4 thoughts on “Diabetes Diet Plan for Weight Loss | PCOS Diet For Weight Loss In Hindi

  1. Mam pls make video on weight loss of nursing mother,I have 2 months baby,I have to do ghar ka kaam and can’t do workout,i have 72 kg weight and my age is 31,,pls tell me one thing if we take weight loss drinks to bcche k weight to km nhi hota.

  2. Hii mam u r great👍 aapka diet plan ekdam fadu hota hai.। Maine 10 kg weight loss kiya h apke diet plan se.।। Aap bahut sweet ho mere liye.। Love you❤😘

  3. Maam ..mai egg diet follow kar rahi hoon. This is my 6 th day..but maine weight loss nehi kiya.. dont know why..I am following d rules strictly
    Plsssss guide me

  4. Paghal insan kuch to sharam keru me ne ap ki egg diet follow ki 5 days tak lekin 1 kg b kam ni hua upper se mere muun me dana b nikal aya had hoti h aplog pese kamane k lie kuch b ker sakte h Allah puche ap se shame on you😠😠😠😠😠😠

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