Which is the Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss ? | Ramya

Which is the Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss ? | Ramya


With innumerable diet plans ranging from Keto,Paleo to today am fashionable Vegan let us look at the pros and cons of what would be ideal for you .


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4 thoughts on “Which is the Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss ? | Ramya

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  2. Hi sis I take intermetfating 16 _8 before 3month and 12000steps 30 minute walking and diet also.my weight 87first July 75 but last month and till no weight loss sis.plz tel some tip

  3. Your videos are very useful but you don’t look like you have done a healthy weight loss…is this the same for every one? Does loosing weight makes a person look sick or dull?

  4. Hey Guys, if ever had an idea only to make a weight loss and make your sleep be better than ever you should email me directly ! Only if want to have a better health and the exact weight you desire I’ve tried this and never regret that ! Hope more people will get the benefit of that what I already got ! [email protected]

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