Weight Loss Tips & Myths | The Science of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips & Myths | The Science of Weight Loss


Weight loss tips. What the science of obesity and weight loss teaches us about hormones, carbohydrates and fat. Common myths and weight loss tips to help you succeed.

Weight loss tips like portion control, cutting calories and avoiding carbs miss the point.

“just eat less calories. Less calories, less weight”. that assumes we burn calories at a constant rate. When we lose weight our hormones (leptin) change and we burn less calories. Effort to eat less may go to waste. Hormone changes also make us hungrier. We try to ditch the fat stores, our body holds on to them.

So people lose weight then hit a plateau or put the weight back on. This doesn’t mean calories don’t matter for weight loss. Calories matter.

People struggle with weight loss when they try to ‘eat less’.
“So it’s impossible to lose weight? That’s your weight loss tips?”

no! one model of weight loss suggests that calories are not all created equal and the main cause of obesity and weight gain are carbohydrates and insulin.

“he better get to the weight loss tips…”

model: cutting carbs is the key to weight loss. Millions flocked to low carb diets. Is cutting carbs really the key to weight loss?

2 weight loss diets, 30% less calories, in 1 those calories came from carbohydrate, in the other from fat. carbohydrate theory says only low carb diet should deliver weight loss, low fat should do nothing. both led to weight loss. the low fat diet even did a little better.

“so the weight loss tips are to cut calories from fat?”
The msg is not that low fat ‘wins’. Both diets led to weight loss. Cutting carbs wasn’t necessary and insulin didn’t seem to matter. Analysis: energy expenditure (calories burnt) and fat loss were better on low fat than low carb diets.

Maybe carbohydrate and insulin play a role in specific contexts. We can lose weight by cutting carbs. We can lose weight with or without cutting carbs! Low-carb diets not superior to other diets for weight loss.

“We’re here for weight loss tips, not studies”
studies are artificial. easy to over-eat. maybe cutting carbs doesn’t burn more calories but makes us feel fuller so we eat less?

People eating ad lib ate more on a low carb diet than on low fat. 700 calories /day. And lost less fat. Maybe low fat food was nasty? They rated both diets equally satisfying.

Data doesn’t support insulin as main driver of obesity. low carb vs low fat is a distraction. All weight loss tips avoid ultraprocessed foods (refined carbohydrates, sugary drinks). People on processed diet eat more calories and put on more fat even if macronutrients are matched.

Calorie density. Calorie dilute foods make us feel full with less calories. Fiber. Microbiome. Unprocessed whole foods are well accepted.

“trying to ‘eat less’ is ineffective weight loss tip; fat loss makes us burn less calories and feel hungrier; carbs and insulin are not key to weight loss, cutting carbs not necessary; avoiding ultraprocessed foods like refined carbs and sugary drinks is common weight loss strategy. Other weight loss tips?”

We can lose weight on unprocessed diet, neither fat nor carbs seem to be key. But some may do better on low carb, low fat, or intermittent fasting. low carb can be done without cutting fiber or eating a lot of saturated fat.

We don’t want to lose weight, we want to lose excess fat. The Scale can reward losing water weight or muscle mass. Exercise with weight lifting and adequate protein intake

weight loss: When well rested, we crave less high calorie foods and eat smaller portions. sleep optimizes your metabolism and appetite.

weight loss is about sticking with diet. Avoid sacrifice diets. Build dietary pattern you love. Video: meal timing, eating at certain times of the day can help weight loss even without cutting calories. Strategies to cut processed foods like refined sugar

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5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips & Myths | The Science of Weight Loss

  1. Thanks for the weight-loss drive-by. Lots of helpful info. What are your thoughts on caloric density? Watched a vid by Jeff Novick, RD, and he focuses mostly on teaching people about calorie density. It makes a lot of sense. Dr. Greger’s new book also focuses on this. Thoughts?

  2. Thank you for going over this! I went over calories in a separate YouTube video, and we are in the middle of a weight loss series on our podcast, The Art of Eating: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/is-it-all-about-calories-ep-58/id1451308876?i=1000475807748

    We most recently went over the insulin resistance model too! Funnily enough, we came to a very similar conclusion. It is unfortunate that all “carbs” are lumped in under one umbrella term, because carbs can be great… if you are choosing the right ones😂!

    Yet mainstream marketing puts all this flashy advertising together that demonizes all carbs when it is simply untrue.

    Awesome video!

  3. Just finished reading Fiber Fueled by dr Will Bulsiewicz. According to him the microbiome plays a huge role in this. (Weight loss) Really interesting research coming out on the microbiome. Post biotics (short chain fatty acids) for the win on so many levels! And plant diversity…. (You mentioned this in the video as well) Would be really interested on your take about the microbiome. But can highly recommend reading Fiber Fueled.

  4. Hey guys my journey to losing 80 lbs in 6 months with bridesmaid weight loss I reviewed the top products for me that worked. Hope this helps selfcutssystem.com

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