Top Weight Loss Mistakes

Top Weight Loss Mistakes


These are the top two weight loss mistakes nearly everyone makes! So watch and learn team! And remember, weight loss and health are NOT the same thing. Weight loss is about energy. Health is about food quality!

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5 thoughts on “Top Weight Loss Mistakes

  1. Guess what? You have to count calories on a Ketogenic diet in order to lose the weight. Being on a calorie deficit is key for whatever diet you are following. I don’t know why you are so hardcore against different diets … oh wait, I do. You have diet supplements to sell. Forgot about that.

  2. Weight loss is 90% diet. I lost 10 kg last year in six weeks from dieting without working out a single day . This year I’ve been working out for 8 weeks and have only lost 6kg .

  3. Wanna lose weight in less than 1 week? Stop listening to the government. Cut out ALL carbs and sugary food, cut out ALL veggies (high in anti-nutrients), and eat like a CARNIVORE, high fat meat, sometimes fish. You’ll lose weight faster than the FLASH. NO NEED TO EXERCISE.

    Remember: Sugar cause weight gain, Fat does not.

  4. Truth! Postpartum weightloss, I had to double up on my workouts every week, 6x days min of 60 mins. Combo (slow state cardio & weightlifting) while watching my caloric intake to stay consistent with losing 1-2 lbs weekly to maintain accountability. Ideally, 4-5 months is how the process works so anything shorter will only set you up for failure. Also, women have hormones that elevate stress so that can increase weight gain too. Sleep 7+ hours every night, early AM workouts, meditation, sex, water hydration adds to the overall wellness goals.

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