Paano PUMAYAT? 5 Diet Hacks

Paano PUMAYAT? 5 Diet Hacks




Please do not call out or be rude to the vloggers mentioned in this video. There are 100’s of vloggers advertising these supplements. I do not want any hate given towards these vloggers. , however I repeat please do not be horrible to these vloggers.

paano pumayat
paano pumayat ng mabilis.
4 best pampapayat

In this video I discuss the main ways para pumayat
there are lots of reasons kung bakit hindi pumapayat ang isang tao in the this video we will discuss them and discuss ways para pumayat ng tama.
paano ako pumayat diet mistakes paano pumayat ng mabilis.

This video is in taglish/ tagalog.

Doctor Adam

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3 thoughts on “Paano PUMAYAT? 5 Diet Hacks

  1. Oh my! Salamat po Doc Adam! Your viewers brought me here. It’s truly an honor 🙏 Thank you so so so much! More power to you Doc! 🤗❤

  2. Doc adam, question lang. Ive been doing the 30 day exercise. Currently im at my 28 day now. Pero wala akong nakikita na changes lalo na sa lower belly ko. Am i doing something wrong? Actually tinatamad nako because its causing stress on my back and neck. What should i go for? Do another 30 day exercise or go for a diet? Please doc. Answer my question. I want to change, please im very desperate. Please more tips doc. Salamat Doc Adam


  3. Hi doc adam! Please also share diet tips or foods for gastritis who’s struggling to lose weight. Thanks doc

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