HOW I LOST 40 POUNDS!! | My Weight Loss Journey

HOW I LOST 40 POUNDS!! | My Weight Loss Journey


Hey, y’all! This is how I lost 40 pounds! I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, I just wanted to share what worked for me! Love yourself no matter what 🙂

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Hey, y’all! I’m Maddie, a 20-year-old girl living in Nashville. I attend school at Auburn University and I post all different kinds of content! My favorites are productivity, exercise, and vlog related videos! Consider subscribing to see more content from me!

5 thoughts on “HOW I LOST 40 POUNDS!! | My Weight Loss Journey

  1. Good for you girl! Just wanted to add, 1200-1400 calories(even for weightloss) is a very low number for a female adult, going through cycles of these deficits may lead to metabolic damage, meaning you might lose lean body mass that is very difficult to acquire (specially when aging) and this will mean that your basal metabolic rate becomes slower and so it becomes more difficult to maintain or lose weight. Reverse dieting is a method used in such instances.

  2. it has been 3 months since i decided to lose weight (when the quarantine started) and during that time, i always felt unmotivated because i was seeing very little changes to almost nothing but when i saw my progress photos, my body changed after all!! i learned that it was all just in my mind and after watching your video, i really felt motivated!!! thank you very much!! patience is definitely the key!!

    by the way, i am 13 yrs old, 158cm in height and 126 pounds. my starting weight was 132 pounds which was too much for my age and i have already lost 7 pounds in the last few months! i know it isnt that much because i dont always eat healthy and moderately (and i also cannot buy things for weight loss and go to the gym etc ’cause im too young to go out) but i do workout everyday. my goal is around 110-121 pounds sooo let’s get it!

  3. I’m 5’0, 115 lbs, and I’m trying to lose 20 pounds. I really struggled with weight loss and I’ve gained about 10 pounds over the past year. Every time I’ve tried to lose weight I always fail and I always ended up binging and gaining weight again. This time I really feel like I can do it. I feel like I have a lot more control over my dietary choices, and my activity levels. I used to feel judged if I let anyone know I was dieting, and it just demotivated me. So thanks for this video, thanks for letting me know I can do it this time 🙂

  4. So I lost weight pretty quickly, but I was told that it was normal since I’m a teenager, and it’s easier to lose weight when you are a teenager.

  5. Just goes to show that body image is really personal to everyone. You looked healthy and beautiful before and after your weightloss but honestly if you feel happier and healthier now that’s wonderful and good for you for making the changes. That’s the hardest part.

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