Dr Now Is Impressed With Brandon's MASSIVE 141lb Weight Loss | My 600lb Life

Dr Now Is Impressed With Brandon’s MASSIVE 141lb Weight Loss | My 600lb Life


Brandon weighs over 700lb and Dr Now has given him 2 months to lose weight in order to get weight loss surgery.

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5 thoughts on “Dr Now Is Impressed With Brandon’s MASSIVE 141lb Weight Loss | My 600lb Life

  1. When I watch this show I see so many ppls dating a obesity person and I know many ppls might have said wow he or she big how can they date someone look like that but I know now god was right there someone for everybody because I was 370 lb when I met my boyfriend as years went on I kept gaining 2 years later after we got married I was 383 lb couple years later after that I got to my highest weight 455 lb I became very depressed felt attractive not only to myself but to my husband as well and felt like there was no hope for me but my husband stayed with me and he treated me no difference the now I knew that I had to do something because my weight was taking control of my life it’s been 11 months and I have lost 100 lb by eating 1,200 a day and fast on Monday Wednesday Friday losing 1lb per fasting so that’s three pounds per week on top of eating 1,200 calories when I’m not fasting and I will continue with my progress may God bless everyone on their Journey who is struggling with weight and I hope that you get to your goal keep pushing and have faith and believe in yourself and you will get you your dream

  2. Having a nice supportive girl helps so much with anything in your life, business, weight loss or what ever.

  3. I see a lot of these programs and the people that are trying to lose the weight is one problem but the people the continue to feed these people are the ones that are the real culprits look at how many of these people need to be on a diet also I haven’t seen anyone helping these overweight people that don’t need to be on a very strict diet also it’s kind of like the blind leading the blind everyone involved needs to get a grip diets for everyone

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