Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY

Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY


Are supplements necessary on a vegan diet? We explore this topic in this week’s video featuring Mic the Vegan.

Mic the Vegan’s Channel:

A whole foods plant-based diet is full of vitamins and minerals. However, over the years, there has been a decline in the nutrient-quality of our soil. The best way to get required nutrients is through food, but if you are interested in supplementing, here are 11 to consider.

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5 thoughts on “Do You REALLY Need Vitamins On A Vegan Diet? | LIVEKINDLY

  1. These comments saying if vegan diet requires supplementation, then the diet is deficient. My mom needs to take B12 and D3 supplements and she is a meat eater. Supplements are not for vegans exlusively. Actually they are recommended not only to prevent deficiencies but also to preserve optimal health.

  2. Meat eaters often criticize the vegan diet because supplementation of nutrients like B12 is advisable. Actually, most meat eaters could use some sort of supplementation or another. Forty percent of people are B12 deficient, which would include mostly meat eaters. Reasonable doses of supplements are good insurance that your diet is complete.

  3. I track my nutrition intake on Cronometer. On a vegan diet, I systematically overshoot my vitamin and mineral intake except B12 and D3 which I supplement. As for vitamin A, I never get anything less than 400% of my DR. The only nutrients that I almost never get 100% of is Calcium and Zinc.

  4. what youll need on a vegan diet is real food like organic meat, organic butter, organic cream, organic eggs, more meat, organic yogourt, rather than fibre you cant absorb and causes constipation, fake meats that are made from toxic beans that you cant absorb, greens that you cannot absorb, which is why vegans are bloated and fart an unbelievable amount, grains you cant absorb and are nothing but starch.

  5. I am vegan and recently analyzed my diet at happyforks. It showed that I was lacking in B3 B5 B6, but those were easy enough to fix with diet adjustments. Choline, though, was not so easy to fix with diet. My current choline comes mostly from soymilk, and amounts to about half of the recommended amount. So I will supplement for now with citicoline to get up to that recommended level. Should I be concerned about the associated risk?

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