5 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS HACKS

  1. I’m about to purchase the guides and nutrition guide and I’m a combination of excited and nervous. I have a hard time making myself stick with workout plans and diets, but I’m about to turn 26 and I would really like to actually get strong for one time in my life. Wish me luck guys

  2. I need motivation I have none and I used to stress eat and now whenever I’m bored or something I eat so I need motivation

  3. Thanks Mari for all of these great hacks – interesting that lots of them around motivation. This is really important when you are on a weight loss journey. Interesting that you pick up the hormonal question, lots of people forget the importance of balacing your hormones….cant wait to see more for you!

  4. i was overweight since i was 12 and i had bulimia it was sooo hard i was 80 kilos and 1.60 cm in height ive tried so many diets but i couldnt stop eating ..anyway after 7 years i found a way to lose weight and i did it im now 58 kilos im not as skinny as i want but i lost 20 kilos in 6 months ..i know how hard is to lose weight but all of you can do it… i did it and for the first time it was kinda easy if you want more info let me know

  5. did you lose hair when losing weight. I wanna lose weight but i keep hearing hair loss can happen and it scares me

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