Your Pre-Op Diet - How to eat just before weight loss surgery.

Your Pre-Op Diet – How to eat just before weight loss surgery.


Dr. Matthew Weiner is an author and bariatric surgeon who specializes in the treatment of obesity. His practice, Tucson Bariatric, is located in Arizona, where he offers both surgical and non-surgical programs.

In his first book, A Pound of Cure, Dr. Weiner debunks the traditional understanding of calorie balance driving weight loss and offers a non-surgical solution to those suffering from obesity through nutritional stability.

On his website,, he offers more than 150 videos on a wide array of nutritional and bariatric topics. Lesson plans range from, “Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery” to “The Metabolic Reset Diet” including recipes and meal plans.

Dr. Weiner is licensed to practice in both Arizona and Michigan and even offers Skype appointments. For more information call his office at (520) 319-6000 or check out his many resources below. For more videos and Facebook Live events, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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5 thoughts on “Your Pre-Op Diet – How to eat just before weight loss surgery.

  1. If you’re right at the 40 BMI point and you go on the Pre-Op diet will the insurance company still pay for your surgery?

  2. My surgery is Dec 1st 2018 i think i got this ive been doing the pr- op diet test run and ive lost 18 lbs in one month i got dymatize 100 percent whey isolate protein powder 25 servings 25 grms protein 120 cal 0 sugarr 5.5 grm bcaas chocolate i mix it with 2 percent milk ( you could use fat free or almond milk) its $16.00 at Wal-Mart i think they had also in vanilla i do that break fast and lunch then baked swai fish with seasoning of garlic pepper or chicken breast filet again garlic pepper seasoned and one biggg cup of steamed broccoli or asparagus for dinner and nothing after 8pm and with out exercise lost 18lbs in 30 days my primary care dr was like whatcha doing i told him he said keep it up and you might not need the surgery but i do im about 150 lbs over weight so i know by the time pre_ op 2wk diet is ready it’ll be EASY

  3. What about adjusting an out of balance hormone system due to (many reasons) one of which is STRESS. Stress is a major cause for weight gain and an inability to lose it over time. Stress from trauma throughout life contributes to belly fat and under arm fat. It strips the good fat and muscle from the buttocks and thighs to keep the body alive.
    Eliminate weight gain without extreme trauma to a wonderfully made body that only needs the endocrine system set right. To slice out a major organ that contributes many hormones to keep a body alive is barbaric and cruel, since the patient not only loses hair for a year and a half, yet stops major functions from happening… less to no natural body oils produced to keep awesome skin subtle and great looking. Now the patient is bald and has sickly looking skin. Also the patient will lose proper levels of intestinal lubricant due to hormones not being sent to signal the need. So this leads to severe tearing and possible surgery to cut more of the once awesome body apart.
    Sure one may appear thin for a while yet the patient is slowly dying inside and out. One in fifty (1-50) die from this surgery on operating table due to heart failure. Systemic stress is a large percentage in the first thirty days. Stomach ripping open and many other dramatically lethal combinations kill more after thirty days. However, if you die past the sixty day mark,your family must prove the patient was NOT at fault.

    One can keep weight off with reducing stress in all possible areas of life, not destroy a wonderful body using a one time plastic surgeon to do the destructive acts.

  4. I’m curious that if a person was capable of following the same POST op diet as your surgical patients would they lose the same amount of weight? If bariatric surgery changes metabolism, how does it do this? and for how long? It has to be more than just restrictive caloric intake, correct?

  5. Hello there, I want to know if Fenoboci Diet Plan, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on talking about this popular lose weight secrets.

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