How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

5 thoughts on “How I Lost 10 Pounds + Diet Tips

  1. Thanks for the great tips 😀 but i dont have to lose pounds i exercise a lot, i LOVE sports and my diet is also very healthy so i dont really have to care about my weight… Sport is the best friend on the way to lose pounds ^-^ btw you’re soooo pretty *-* 😀

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  3. So the tips are:
    – Being self-conscious
    – Eating small quantities without worrying too much about calories 
    – Cutting the carbs as much as possible
    – Drinking plenty to stay hydrated 
    – Add healthy stuff to regular meals (veggies/nuts/fruits)
    – Exercise and walk plenty to stay fit 
    I really love these tips, they are smart and effective from the first day and they might also help people recovering from eating disorders! I appreciate the fact that your diet is  “do what feels right and be smart”, not the crazily dangerous diets that most women torture themselves with : ) Well done and thank you for the video! 

  4. Your pretty much right, I cut carbs after 2pm & replace them with greens. I park far away so I can walk but most things you’ve said is similar to my diet & I’ve lost 15pounds in 2months I’ve got heaps more to go but it’s work for me. Thanks for sharing you tips x

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